ex|change1 W1S2 [ıksˈtʃeındʒ] n
3 exchange of ideas/information etc
4¦(something you buy)¦
7¦(jobs/homes etc)¦
1.) ¦(GIVING/RECEIVING)¦ [U and C]
the act of giving someone something and receiving something else from them
exchange of
an exchange of political prisoners
in exchange for sth
I've offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week's accommodation.
Four of my cassettes for your Madonna CD is a fair exchange .
a short conversation, usually between two people who are angry with each other
a quiet exchange between the judge and the clerk
The DJ was fired after a heated exchange (=a very angry conversation) on air with a call-in listener.
3.) exchange of ideas/information etc
when people discuss or share ideas, information etc
The organization is dedicated to the free exchange of information.
the act of giving something you have bought back to the store where you bought it, for example because it does not work, fit etc, and taking something else instead
The store's policy is not to allow returns or exchanges.
5.) ¦(MONEY)¦[U]
a process in which you change money from one ↑currency to another
Most capital cities have extensive exchange facilities.
an arrangement in which a student, teacher etc visits another school or university to work or study
on an exchange (with sb)
I'm here for one term, on an exchange with Dr. Fisher.
an arrangement in which you stay in someone's home, do someone's job etc for a short time while that person stays in your home, does your job etc
Kate's in New York on an employee exchange so she can get some more training.
8.) ¦(FIGHT)¦
an event during a war or fight when two people, armies etc shoot or fire ↑missiles at each other
exchange of fire/gunfire
9.) ¦(BUILDING)¦
corn/wool/cotton etc exchange
a large building in a town that was used in the past for buying and selling corn, wool etc
exchange 2
exchange2 v [T]
a) to give someone something and receive the same kind of thing from them at the same time
We still exchange gifts at Christmas.
At the end of the game players traditionally exchange shirts with each other.
We exchanged addresses and phone numbers.
b) to give someone something and receive something different from them
= ↑change exchange sth for sth
Where can I exchange my dollars for pounds?
2.) to replace one thing with another
= ↑swap exchange sth for sth
He exchanged the black jacket for a blue one.
3.) exchange words/looks etc (with sb)
if two people exchange words, looks etc, they talk to each other, look at each other etc
Until this evening I had never so much as exchanged a word with him.
The two women exchanged glances and laughed.
I went over and exchanged greetings with everyone.
4.) exchange blows (with sb)
if two people exchange blows, they hit each other
5.) exchange information/ideas etc
to discuss something or share information, ideas etc
It's a place where people can chat and exchange ideas.
6.) exchange contracts
especially BrE to complete the final stage of buying a house by signing a contract with the person you are buying it from
>exchangeable adj

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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